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02 November 2018

Thank you for your service!

training at Fort Dix, NJ


ezs note:  I'd like to take a few moments to discuss the United States Armed Forces.  While over the years there have some questionable activities - especially now - the forces have done their duty without complaint.  One of these people is Michelle Hart.  She is transgender. What, pray tell, is her reward?

First, they try to kick her out of the Armed Forces.

Then, they try to take away her existence.



29 September 2017

Thank you, John Nichols!

John Nichols


ezs note:  A few days ago, I saw John Nichols discussing his new book, "Horsemen Of The Trumpoocalypse".  About halfway through, he mentioned criticizing the Cabinet, not just Trump himself.  Really, it was a simple idea, but one which could chop an idea (!) into pieces, not just lop off the head.  So today I will start with Betsy DeVos, then randomly select other Cabinet members, roughly one day out of six. (In other words, I'll roll the die.)

Once again, thank you, John Nichols!

04 August 2017

Thank you, Dave Cullen!


ezs note:  A few days ago, I blogged BETRAYAL:  TRANSGENDER TROOPS REACT TO TRUMP'S BAN by Dave Cullen in Vanity Fair.  Well, a day later, he thanked me!  Well, thank you, Dave! 

05 April 2017

Thank you, Seth Andrews!!!


ezs note:  In my (very) humble opinion, this film is one of the very best in skewering that blowhard, chipmunk-brained, pseudo-president Donald Trump.  It also calls to task Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham for the charlatans they are.  In six minutes.  Whether the person who sees this film is non-religious, semi-religious, or fully religious, this is essential viewing.  If you feel so moved, spread this film to all your friends.

Let's stick a fork in this blowhard.

18 January 2017

11 August 2015

YOU did it! 5000 behind us!


Though I know we'll never possibly meet face-to-face, I know, believe me, I know, that our lives have been touched somehow.  My God... with this I am so humbled...

From the northeast corner of the United States to the proud islet known as the Isle Of Man, we are there.  From the merciless corners of Angola, Rwanda, Iran, or Libya, we are there.  From countries where freedom to love one another is a RIGHT, we are there.  And from that huge mass of a country - Russia - where even the most basic rights are curtailed - we are STILL  there.

Thank you.  Thank you so much.