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02 August 2019

Donald Trump - ‘We’re All Tired of Being Called Racists’

Elaina Plott
The Atlantic

ezs note:  Tired of being called racist?  Hey, I got a solution for ya. Whether Dimwit Donald does it through sheer lunacy or manipulation, there's no doubt where HIS cards lie.  In Election Day 2020, send his ass packing. (and preferably to jail)

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10 September 2018

Nigeria - She Called Me Woman: Nigerian queer women speak

Sabo Kpade
The Guardian Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria
(Victoria Island)


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04 October 2017

Rex Tillerson reportedly called Trump a 'moron' — and wanted to resign this summer

Peter Jacobs, Reuters
Business Insider


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ezs note:  Gee, I really am sorry about things, Rex - but we told you what an asshole he is...

17 February 2017