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22 May 2019

Montana - Political commissioner ends year-old complaint against Montana Family Foundation

Tom Lutey
Ravalli Republic

Helena, MT

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ezs note:  Whatever the reason, it's really too bad that the Commissioner of Political Practices is dropping the lawsuit against the Montana 'Family' Foundation.  (read:  do it our way, or else)  Perhaps the Montana ACLU can pick up some of the slack.  (hint, hint!)  

28 March 2019

civil rights - In Congress, a Task Force for Trans Equality Is Mobilizing Against Trump

Diana Tourjée

New Bedford, MA


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17 February 2019

28 January 2019

Ohio - Ohio’s new GOP guv signs order against anti-LGBT discrimination

Chris Johnson
Washington Blade

Cedarville, OH


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19 January 2019

Maryland - Maryland GOP delegate's aide charged with making illegal robocall against fellow delegate on transgender issues

Luke Broadwater
The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore, MD


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ezs note:  Marylanders - to get more on this story, visit the podcast. (starts at 15:38)