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08 February 2020

lead story - Transgender Colorado teen pleads guilty to murder in school shooting

Kelli Dugan

Castle Rock, CO

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ezs note:  I understand the feelings of hurt you may be feeling.  But acts of violence are never the answer.  NEVER.  Do something constructive.  If you don't have any ideas, ask a parent or relative, a trusted friend, or a teacher.  

05 July 2019

Maryland/Virginia - Police In Va. Searching For Person Of Interest In Md. In Connection To Murder Of Transgender Teen

Mike Hellgren
CBS News

Joppa, MD (CDP)
(or Joppatown)

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ezs note:  Marylanders - Especially if you live in Baltimore or Joppa, please keep an eye out for Erik McFadden.  He is not a suspect yet, but he is a person of interest.  Please call 434-977-4000.

01 March 2019

13 January 2018

Suspect named in murder of San Francisco transgender activist 'Bubbles'

Dion Lim

Anthony "Bubbles" Torres


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ezs note:  San Francisco area - if you see Hieu Trung Nguyen, DO NOT attempt to subdue him, rather call the San Francisco Police Department at 415-575-4444.  Be a real hero.

17 November 2017

19 September 2017

17 July 2017

05 May 2017

Senate Approves Gay Panic Defense Ban

Daisy Contreras
NPR Illinois


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25 April 2017

Kidnapping, Torture, Murder: Refugees Speak of Chechnya’s Anti-Gay Purge

Mary Emily O'Hara and Daniel Medina
NBC News


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