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30 April 2018

civil rights - Police have a 'very strong' lead in killing of transgender SC woman

Teddy Kulmala
The State

Your friendly police officers


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ezs note:  According to the latest reports, leads are very close, but especially if you live in Chesterfield County SC, you can help.  Call the police department at 843-623-2101 with any tips.  Thanks.

26 January 2018

09 August 2017

FBI raided Paul Manafort’s home — the same morning Trump tweeted his transgender ban

Charlie May

Paul Manafort, in better days


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08 July 2017

20 March 2017

Full transcript: FBI Director James Comey testifies on Russian interference in 2016 election

Washington Post


ezs note:  Okay... I get it... it's a looooooooooong piece.  The thing is, it's also a damn important one.  Please read this one.  You'll be better informed.