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16 November 2019

North Dakota - ND takes new approach to behavioral health

Minot Daily News
Jill Schramm

Bismarck, SD

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ezs note: It's down a bit, but the seminar does contain a seminar on transgender issues.  If you live in south-central North Dakota (Bismarck), it might be wise to show up.

15 February 2018

Man accused of robbing and shooting transgender woman takes a plea deal

Allie Gross
Detroit Free Press

Detroit, MI


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03 April 2017

ACLU takes legal action to defend rights of transgender students in Pennsylvania

Steve Lee
LGBT Weekly


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ezs note:  To help the ACLU in its efforts to maintain civil rights and liberties, you can find out here

11 March 2015

14 May 2013

26 August 2010

OUR VIEW: Ball hospital takes right action on tolerance (Star-Press)

Too seldom, the words "we're sorry" are absent from the lexicon of executives and public officials. (more above)