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30 January 2020

lead story - Iowa bill to end transgender civil rights protections is dead

NBC News

Denison, IA

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ezs note:  I know that some more conservative transgender people might feel a bit slighted, but when a Republican leader does a really good thing, I try not to let it pass by.  If you live in Iowa (especially the 18th district) be sure to thank Rep. Holt.  

07 March 2019

lead story - Colorado, baker end legal spat over transgender woman’s cake

James Anderson, Colleen Slevin
Religious News Service

Lakewood, CO


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30 January 2019

Connecticut - Leader seeks to end “gay and transgender panic” defense

Emilie Munson
CT Post

Theophilus Eaton house
New Haven, CT


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25 July 2018

Connecticut - Connecticut launches campaign to end new HIV infections

Clarice Silber
CT Mirror

New Haven, CT


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ezs note:  A few tips for you:

1)  Get tested now.  You need not wait any longer, I promise you.

2)  If your partner balks at wearing a condom, say NO.  If he still refuses, the jerk's not worth it.

3)  If you test positive, see what options are available.  In Connecticut (and all around New England, really) there are options available.

09 June 2018

Rhode Island - R.I. House votes to end ‘gay or trans panic’ defense

Katherine Gregg
Providence Journal

Rhode Island State Capitol


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23 February 2018

Urgent action needed to end anti-LGBTQ violence | Opinion

Chad Griffin, Kristin Clarke
The Inquirer


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19 December 2017

Japan urged to end forced sterilization of transgender people

Sierra C. Jackson


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01 January 2016

The End of the Desistence Myth

Brynn Tannehill
The Huffington Post

Kenneth Zucker


29 September 2015