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14 January 2020

Utah - Utah lawmaker proposing ban on transgender surgery for minors

Brian Mullahy

Orem, UT

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ezs note:  Granted, this is a tough row to hoe, but if you live in Utah, please tell your state congressperson and your state senator to say NO to this nonsensical bill.  Thanks.

28 December 2019

South Carolina - South Carolina Republican wants to ban transition-related care for transgender youth

John Riley

Laurens, SC

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ezs note:  If you live in South Carolina, click in  If you live in South Carolina's 14th district (Laurens and surrounding area) and are really pissed off at having this idiot represent you, contact your local Democratic Party.

02 March 2019

Romania - Romanian Referendum To Ban Same-Sex Marriage Fails

Joanna Kakissis

Bucharest, Romania


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18 February 2019

lead story - Transgender recruit tries to join military before ban takes effect

Danae King
The Columbus Dispatch

Worthington, OH


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28 January 2019

lead story - Another View: Ban on transgender troops demeans true patriots

Brattleboro Reformer

Brattleboro, VT


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23 January 2019

06 January 2019

Hong Kong - Two gay men challenge Hong Kong ban on same-sex marriage

The Straits Times

Hong Kong


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16 September 2018

Uganda - Why Uganda hates homosexuality so much that it wants to ban a popular festival

Mildred Europa Taylor
Face 2 Face Africa

Kampala, Uganda


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24 August 2018

civil rights - Litigation on the Transgender Service Member Ban: An Update

Sarah Grant


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ezs note:  Yeah, the article is just a wee bit long, but if you are either a member of the military or simply contemplating joining, it might be worth your while to read the whole thing.

28 July 2018

The U.S. State of Delaware Becomes the 15th State to Ban LGBTQ+ Conversion Therapy

Duane Paul Murphy
College Media Network

Dover, DE (Delaware State Capitol)


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ezs note:  Delaware residents - Actually, the headline is a bit of a misnomer.  Read the whole article - it prevents minors from using 'reparative therapy', but once the person turns eighteen, hey, have at it.  This crackpot 'therapy' is no better than Dr. Hobgoblin's Magic Elixir.