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31 August 2018

lead story - 'Who Would Do That to a 12-Year-Old?' Transgender Oklahoma Student Speaks Out About Being Bullied by Parents

Gina Martinez

Achille, OK


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ezs note:  Please see the VICE news at the beginning of the article.

20 June 2018

lead story - Transgender Teens Need Teachers To Stand Up For Them

Zoey Luna
Teen Vogue

classroom at Hainan Medical School


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16 July 2015

EXCLUSIVE: More than six in ten people were bullied at school according to shock new poll (UK)

Nick Gutteridge


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19 May 2014

27 March 2013

Transgender Teacher Kills Self After Being Bullied By Newspaper - Judy Molland -

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ezs note:  This hits close to home, though the ocean separates us. No one deserves what Lucy Meadows got in Richard Littlejohn's vituperative attack.  Please, if you find yourself depressed or suicidal, seek counseling immediately!  I promise things will get better.

As far as Mr. Littlejohn goes, yes, he should be fired.  Then shipped to an Antarctic island.