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13 March 2019

14 February 2019

17 January 2019

Ohio - The best is yet to come’ Mike DeWine tells Ohioans as he becomes governor

Darrel Rowland, Randy Ludlow
Akron Beacon Journal

Cedarville Opera House
Cedarville, OH


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10 January 2019

Alabama - Alabama woman becomes first trans person reported killed in 2019

Abbey Crain

Hope Hull, AL


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ezs note:  If you have any information regarding the killing of Dana Martin, please contact the Montgomery police department at 334-625-2532.  Thanks.

24 September 2018

lead story - A Longtime LGBT Rights' Leader Becomes a Transgender Battleground State

Candice Norwood

Massachusetts State House
Boston, MA


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ezs note:  Massachusetts residents:  Please remember - first, register to vote, and second, be sure to vote YES on Question 3. 

28 July 2018

The U.S. State of Delaware Becomes the 15th State to Ban LGBTQ+ Conversion Therapy

Duane Paul Murphy
College Media Network

Dover, DE (Delaware State Capitol)


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ezs note:  Delaware residents - Actually, the headline is a bit of a misnomer.  Read the whole article - it prevents minors from using 'reparative therapy', but once the person turns eighteen, hey, have at it.  This crackpot 'therapy' is no better than Dr. Hobgoblin's Magic Elixir. 

24 March 2018

In a first, transgender person becomes news anchor in Pakistan

The Express Tribune

Badshahi Mosque, Lahore, Pakistan


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27 February 2018

UK - Munroe Bergdorf: Trans model becomes Labour's LGBT adviser


House of Commons, London, UK


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09 November 2017

Matherne becomes Stamford’s first transgender lawmaker

Liz Skalka
Stamford Advocate

Stamford, CT


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21 October 2017

Gender becomes a flashpoint for this college generation

Vanessa McCray, Nelson Helm
LaCrosse Tribune


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18 March 2017

Japan becomes first country in the world to elect a transgender man to a public office (UK)

Chloe Farand

scene in Iruma, Japan


01 February 2017

14 March 2016

12 March 2016