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23 May 2020

17 April 2020

lead story - Transgender Woman Murdered in Baltimore; ACLU Sues Idaho over Trans Athlete Law

Democracy Now!

Baltimore, MD

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ezs note:  Even though the article is repetitive, it is important in that the picture of Johanna Metzger is included.  Please, take a second look.  It can't hurt.

01 April 2020

lead story - Idaho governor signs into law anti-transgender legislation

NBC News

Wilder, ID

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ezs note:  Idahoans - now that Brad Little has taken on the utterly stupid move against transgender people, it's time for him to lose his job.  I'm not gonna kid you.  It's a very tough road.  But it's not impossible if you're organized, diligent, thoughtful and have a very, very, tough hide.

18 March 2020

civil rights - While the country deals with the coronavirus, Idaho state legislators prioritize banning trans athletes

Katelyn Burns

Gov. Brad Little (left)

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ezs note:  Idahoans - If Gov. Little has not made up his mind yet, please call 208-334-2100 or email him at and urge him to NO to this stupid bill (HB 500). Thanks. 

04 March 2020

lead story - Big Idaho businesses come out against transgender athlete, birth certificate bills

Nathan Brown

Cherokee Tribune & Ledger-News

Soda Springs, ID

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ezs note: Idahoans -  Even if you've already called once, you might want to call or email again to let them know that four major companies are against these bills.

26 February 2020

Idaho - Idaho Lawmakers Hear Tearful Testimony On Transgender Therapy Bill

James Dawson
Boise State Public Radio

Caldwell, ID

ezs note: Idahoans - If you aren't able to make it to the state Capitol, don't fret.  Call your state representative AND your state senator and tell them to say NO to these bills.  Thanks.