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30 November 2017

‘I’m just waiting for a call from the White House with an apology.’ Britain’s ‘wrong’ Theresa May speaks out.

Jennifer Hassan
The Washington Post


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ezs note:  If you are planning on being around Washington DC on December 7, perhaps you'd like to try this.

10 February 2017

Is it wrong to laugh at Donald Trump?

Steven Johnson
The Guardian


ezs note:  Be sure to hotlink the hand-lettered signs. They're wicked. And very, very beautiful.

18 October 2016

He Said No One Would Care if He Shot Transgender Women. He Was Wrong.

Katie Zavadski
The Daily Beast


ezs note:  Let's just hope that Mr. Thomas is sent away for a long, long, long time.  My sincere condolences to the families.

19 March 2016

Kansas bills hope to fine trans people $2,500 a time for using ‘wrong’ bathroom (UK)

Joseph Patrick McCormick
Pink News


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ezs note:  Kansans - yeah, we know Kansas is one of the most conservative states in the union - but you can make a difference!  Please call or e-mail your state representative AND state senator and let them know that they should vote NO on this stupid bill!

17 July 2015

My Voice: Pastor has change of heart on gay marriage

David Bacon
The Argus


28 May 2015

How the Duggars steer the GOP wrong

Joanna Weiss
The Boston Globe


23 April 2015

Here’s what most people get wrong about the transgender community



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04 March 2015

Sutter: Ben Carson lives in the wrong decade

John D. Sutter


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