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17 April 2020

lead story - Transgender Woman Murdered in Baltimore; ACLU Sues Idaho over Trans Athlete Law

Democracy Now!

Baltimore, MD

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ezs note:  Even though the article is repetitive, it is important in that the picture of Johanna Metzger is included.  Please, take a second look.  It can't hurt.

11 February 2019

civil rights - ACLU sues Springs business over denial of health coverage to transgender employee

Andy Koen

Colorado Springs, CO
Doolittle Hall (United States Air Force Academy)


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08 November 2018

lead story - Ohio professor sues school, doesn't want to use transgender students' pronouns

Cameron Knight

Cincinnati, OH


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ezs note:  Prof. Meriwether - I know you're all smart n' shit, but please tell me where Jesus used the word "gender" in his writings.  I dunno, maybe I missed it.

15 September 2018

05 September 2018

civil rights - ACLU sues Missouri Commission on Human Rights over transgender man’s complaint

Autumn Callan


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ezs note:  There was an article on this topic a few days ago, but the Jurist article is much more complete.

01 August 2018

civil rights - ACLU sues Providence school for not providing policy on transgender students

Frank Maradiaga
NBC Providence

Providence, RI (City Hall)


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14 June 2018

Donald Trump - New York attorney general sues Trump Foundation

Chris Isidore, Melanie Schuman

Gee, Donald, I told ya you should have stayed in Singapore!  😁


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