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23 January 2020

Vatican City/US - Pope Francis speaks with U.S. bishops on pro-life and transgender issues


Vatican City

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ezs note:  Oh, Francis.  We must talk.  When Archbishop Carlson was asked about transgender issues, this is what he said:

Asked whether the pope then gave the bishops any advice on how to handle the transgender debate, Archbishop Carlson said the pope touched on the way proponents believe people are "all one and that there's no difference, which would fly in the face of what (St.) John Paul II talked about on complementarity and it would fly in the face of the dignity of the woman and the dignity of the man, that we could just change into whatever we wanted." 

This is akin to casually choosing rice instead of spaghetti in my favorite restaurant,  Ahem... NO, IT'S NOT.  In most states, to have surgery performed, there is a rigorous examination as to whether this person is 'really' transgender.  Am I saying that doctors, psychologists, and surgeons are absolutely perfect?  No, not at all.  But neither are you.

20 November 2016

How Pope Francis is shaking up the Vatican

Delia Gallagher


ezs note:  Eh... we'll see.  After all, his record is spotty.

20 February 2015

Pope Francis compared the arguments for transgender rights to nuclear weapons

German Lopez


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ezs note:  Oh, Frank, Frank... and here I was thinking you were ready to enter the 11th century...