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02 February 2018

RNC sides with Trump on transgender military ban

Thomas Beaumont
The Mercury News


please press:

ezs note:  Liberal/moderate Republicans - Hello... can we talk?  I know, I know, you think you're talking to a bleeding heart liberal Democrat.  As for me, I plead (happily) guilty.  But as for my family history, things get a bit muddled.  My mother, her brother, my niece and nephew, as well as both my grandparents (now deceased) are staunch Republicans.  (Where did I go wrong?)  

Now, some of you may have voted for Trump.  I understand that.  But when you go into a store, shop, or office owned by an African-American - a good, decent, scrupulous man or woman - don't you feel a little twinge?  When you see a transgender boy or girl - a child of God if there ever was one - being harassed, doesn't it make you feel just a bit angry?  

Donald Trump doesn't think so.  The RNC doesn't think so. They can go to hell (quite literally) as far as they are concerned.

I'm not saying "come to us".   You have your own views, and I respect that.  But when Trump and the RNC go so off the board, isn't it time to leave???

Just sayin'...