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09 June 2017

LGBT activists alarmed transgender molester facing tougher sentence than victim who attacked her with hatchet

Michael Gordon
New Hampshire Union Leader

Ralayzia Taylor 

ezs note:  Oy, what a mess.  On the one hand, Ralayzia Taylor sounds a wee bit suspect.   "She/he looked 18" just doesn't cut it - and nor should it.  On the other hand, those two cretins whacked her with a hatchet!  In most cases, I'm willing let minor criminals receive a lighter sentence - but not these two.  Their vile actions reach far beyond normal civility.

15 November 2016

Transgender woman chased, attacked with hatchet at Charlotte park

Blake Hanson


please press:

ezs note:  If you live in North Carolina, please urge that the two adults be charged to the FULLEST extent of the law, and the minor be charged as an adult.