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01 April 2019

HUMANE prisons

ezs note:  I recently saw how Germany's prison is working, and how then-governor Dannel Malloy's (CT) visit there went. I do believe that certain persons do deserve imprisonment... but humane imprisonment.  If you agree with 60 Minutes, please email your governor, state representative, and state senator, and tell them that this stupid system is NOT working.  Thanks. 

17 July 2017

Who, me run??


ezs note:  I was reading the Hartford Courant a little while ago, and I was a little sad.  It seems that in Connecticut, (as well as several other states) state and city hopefuls simply aren't willing to put their name out there. This is something that is happening among Democrats and Republicans.  

Every time a ballot line goes blank, we all suffer a bit.  And who do I expect to step up to the plate?  YOU, pal.  You can make the case for a more fair, more humane bit of America?  Is it gonna be easy?  Nope, not here, pal...

But YOU can make the difference.