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31 July 2015

Male Voice, Female Body: How Transgender Women Like Caitlyn Jenner Can Feminize Their Tone

Korin Miller


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13 March 2014

All new! (well... kinda...)

I am using "To Quote A Queer" for your enjoyment, pleasure, and thought. There is one thing that held me back.  It's that the quotes range from the very liberal (the late Gore Vidal) to the very conservative (David Brock).  It's simply a fact that this will anger some.  The only thing I can say to people who hold such views is to read about a month's worth of quotes.  What is demonstrated (I hope) is that a full range of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender views will be represented. So enjoy!

The forms in writing... do change, but they change as slowly as the forms in Darwin, whereas the pendulum of tone from one generation to the next keeps moving briskly.

     - James Merrill