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22 November 2019

Donald Trump - Fiona Hill nails the Democrats' case

Stephen Collinson

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ezs note:  Now that the House Intelligence Committee has pretty much finished its business, it now goes to the Rules Committee to prepare a final draft.  Then the whole House takes its vote.  It's quite a dramatic thing in itself - impeachment votes are a rarity - but then the Senate takes over.  If you live in a state in which there are one or two Republican  Senators, ya gotta call, email, snail-mail, (not really recommended unless there is no other choice)  or visit directly when she/he comes to town, and urge her/him to vote YES to oust Trump.  Be polite but firm.  Bullet points are great, 3 to 5 should suffice.  If you're talking more than a minute, you're talking too long.  Others may not agree with you, but let others have their say.  If you are uncertain about whether your Senators (there are two)  are Republican, Democrat, or other, go to senate.govThanks.

09 August 2016

Witness says suspect Henry Gleaves shot and killed transgender prostitute

Lawrence Smith

Henry Gleaves


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07 November 2013

Transgender Witness Was Tipping Point for Gay-Rights Bill

Fawn Johnson

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ezs note:  If you live in a district where there is a Republican representative, don't despair - e-write!  Every letter makes them squirm even more.  It's difficult, to be sure, but you can make a better world for all of us.  For more information, go to