20 December 2010

New Unitarian Universalist LGBT Program Coordinator to Focus on Trans Issues (Blogout/Justout)

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  1. Hi Emily,

    I have serious doubts if Trans Women will be included in this outreach. I live in Portland and here "Trans" = "Trans Men". Trans women are just as marginalized here as anywhere else.

  2. Christy-

    I received your e-mail, and re-read the blog. I would agree with you that all too many 'programs' are merely TINOs (transgender in name only). However, that having been said, if you haven't been there yet, why not give the UUA program a try? Even if you have been there previously, the local organization seemed sick and tired of a foot-dragger, and replaced her/him somebody more proactive. And once you're there, if nobody brings up an idea, heck, bring it up yourself! It sounds as if this organization needs your support, so please be patient.

    Peace and love,

  3. Thank you Emily

    I definitely do not want to poo-poo on a step in the right direction :) I am going to get some additional information about UUA ;)