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31 October 2018

26 August 2018

lead story - Tasmanian transgender woman Aleana Robins shares her story

Jessica Willard
The Examiner

Ravenswood, Tasmania


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26 March 2018

01 February 2018

23 December 2017

26 November 2017

Colombia - Mystery on a Colombian mountain: the story of Señorita María

Richard Emblin
The City Paper Bogota

Boavita, Colombia


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03 September 2017

25 February 2017

Trump Ruled the Tabloid Media. Washington Is a Different Story.

Glenn Thrush, Michael M. Grynbaum
The New York Times


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02 August 2016

The story of a five-year-old Icelandic transgender girl (Iceland)

Iceland Monitor


09 July 2016

Pulse profile: ESPN repeats Paula Blanco story (Orlando shooting)

Hal Boedeker
Orlando Sentinel


ezs note:  For those of you who watch TV(!) please watch ESPN's news broadcast show, E:60.  It's the very best show, bar none.

12 January 2016

Why Share Our Story?

Janna Barkin
The Huffington Post


07 January 2016

04 November 2015

27 September 2015