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03 January 2019

lead story - Mother works toward understanding of transgender son

Lori Zink
Des Moines Register

Marshalltown, Iowa


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08 June 2017

17 November 2016

Mother Sues Child for Becoming Transgender

Nicholas Maze
Texas News


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26 December 2015

30 April 2015

28 April 2015

Hannah Wilson 'always made people laugh,' mom says

Vic Ryckaert



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ezs note:  Fortunately, a suspect has been apprehended.  Rest in peace, Hannah.

10 November 2011

Police: Mother identifies body as missing transgender teen (

*more above*

ezs note:  I know it will give little comfort to a grieving mother, but if you have any information about who killed Shellie Hillard, please call the Detroit police now!!