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25 March 2019

Montana/Oregon - Kimberly Reed: Always in Transition

Brett Campbell
Oregon Artswatch

Helena, MT


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13 August 2018

civil rights - A Transition in Care

Elizabeth Segal
US News and World Report

Tijuana, Mexico


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07 July 2018

20 October 2017

'The woman I was truly meant to be': Gov't employee thankful for support during transition (Canada)

Rachel Zelniker
CBC News

Regina, Saskatchewan


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09 October 2017

Opinion: How one dad adapted to his transgender child

Tom Murphy


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15 November 2016

23 July 2016

14 June 2016

A Transgender Transition in the Workplace

Rita Pyrillis


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27 April 2016

09 January 2016

Davina Ayrton: transgender woman raped teen girl before transition, sentenced to men's prison

Aaron Homer
The Inquisitr


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ezs note:  All around the world, transgender men and women are simply trying to get on with their lives.  They don't need this crap.  Granted, Ayrton had a troubled life, but she deserved to be JAILED for her actions.