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02 August 2018

27 July 2018

DuBois, Pennsylvania

estimated transgender population:  44*
(rounded up)

DuBois, PA


ezs note:  If you have a taste for the arts, DuBois, Pennsylvania may be the place for you!  It's very close to State Colege, DuBois having a satellite campus there.   

16 June 2018

Wheatland, Pennsylvania

estimated transgender population:  3*
(rounded down)

Wheatland, PA


 ezs note:  Wheatland, Pennsylvania is just a tiny little town, so not much goes on here.  However, in 1985, an F5 tornado ripped through the town.  There's no such as a larger tornado - F5 is as big as it gets.  Let's hope they don't see that again.

17 February 2018

Pleasantville, (Alum Bank), Pennsylvania

average transgender population: 1*
(rounded down)


ezs note:  Now, this was interesting!  In 1912, Theodore Roosevelt picked up Pleasantville, Pennsylvania (part of Bedford County).  As a matter of fact, Teddy picked up the whole state! How 'bout that?

30 September 2017

Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

estimated transgender population:  35* 
(rounded down)
(population larger outside borough limits)

Joseph P. Oller House
Waynesboro, PA


ezs note: The Joseph J. Oller House is just one of the beautiful sights you'll get to see when you visit Waynesboro, Pennsylvania!  Come on down and visit!

*Credit:  UCLA

05 April 2017

Let’s treat transgender people with dignity (column)

Silvana Iazzeti


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03 April 2017

ACLU takes legal action to defend rights of transgender students in Pennsylvania

Steve Lee
LGBT Weekly


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ezs note:  To help the ACLU in its efforts to maintain civil rights and liberties, you can find out here

01 April 2017

Transgender supporters rally against anti-transgender bus outside Philly's City Hall

Julie Shaw
The Inquirer

(Boston, MA protest)


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28 March 2017

Transgender student IDs now allow preferred name, gender

Francesca Dabecco
The Globe


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