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22 June 2018

California - Attacker Sought in Stabbing of Transgender Woman in Hollywood

Jonathan Lloyd, Toni Guinyard
NBC Los Angeles


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ezs note:  If the attacker hasn't been found yet, perhaps you can help. If you live in Los Angeles or the surrounding area, and you are a witness, please call the LAPD at 877-ASK-LAPD. Thanks.

01 March 2017

NOPD seeking 'vehicle of interest' in transgender woman's stabbing death

Jed Lipinski
The Times-Picayune

Chyna Gibson


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ezs note:  New Orleans police caught a break by capturing a picture of the vehicle involved in the killing of Chyna Gibson.  However, the person remains at large.  Please, look at the car carefully.  It's a black sedan, (possibly a Camaro).  It's hard to tell from the angle, but the car might have tinted windows.  If you see it, please call the New Orleans Police Department at 504-658-5300. C'mon, let's put this vermin behind bars!

25 July 2016

Sheriff: Navy seaman accused of robbing, stabbing transgender woman

Justin Mitchell and Margaret Baker


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ezs note:  This just happened a few minutes later in the case of Dee Whigham.  Good work, Jackson County sheriffs!  By the way,  the case is ongoing, so keep a sharp eye out for the person of interest.  Once again, let the police handle it.

21 March 2016

Two Arrested Following Stabbing of Transgender Man in Long Beach

Stephanie Rivera
Long Beach Post


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ezs note:  If you have any information that would make the case even stronger, call the Long Beach, California police at 563-570-7260.   Thanks!

01 March 2016

Woman charged with fatally stabbing former N.J. transgender woman

Michelle Caffrey /


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ezs note:  Justice has been served.  My sincere condolences go out to Maya's family and friends.

18 May 2015

Woman Dies After Stabbing Inside Abandoned North Philadelphia House

 Vince Lattanzio

ezs note:  Rest in peace...