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16 September 2018

Uganda - Why Uganda hates homosexuality so much that it wants to ban a popular festival

Mildred Europa Taylor
Face 2 Face Africa

Kampala, Uganda


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21 April 2018

09 April 2017

17 July 2015

My Voice: Pastor has change of heart on gay marriage

David Bacon
The Argus


03 May 2015

The importance of avoiding fits of intolerance (Taiwan)

The China Post


27 February 2015

South Carolina college denounces homosexuality after two volleyball players come out as gay

Marissa Payne
The Washington Post


13 June 2014

Perry criticized for comparing homosexuality with alcoholism


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ezs note:  No matter what you may hear, being LGB or T does not cause conditions similar to alcoholism.  However, having to hear knuckleheads like Rick Perry might.  Science has shown that registering to vote and then voting does definitely put a smile on one's face.  Urging friends and relatives to vote only increases the chances for health.  Remember - there is help!