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09 July 2018

27 August 2017

Dozens March in NYC to Protest Deadly Police Shooting of Transgender Woman

NBC New York


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19 March 2017

26 February 2017

Hundreds rally, march for transgender rights in Boystown

Marwa Eltagouri
Chicago Tribune


06 July 2014

Sofia Gay Pride march chased away from Vasil Levski monument (Bulgaria)

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ezs note:  Here in the United States and in various places around the globe, Pride Day is celebrated, in cities big and hamlets small, in relative peace.  Sad to say, Bulgaria is not such a place.  I urge you to contact President Rosen Plevneliev to redouble the police force next year.  Thanks!

21 May 2013

PHOTOS: New Yorkers Join Christine Quinn And Edith Windsor In A March Against Hate Violence

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