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11 December 2018

civil rights - Denying transgender identity has serious impact on mental health

Bethany Grace Howe
The Conversation

University of Oregon
Eugene, OR


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21 October 2017

Transgender Activists Fight Historical Mental Health Diagnosis

Boris Dittrich
Human Rights Watch


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08 July 2017

Why Natalie Morales Coming Out As “Queer” Matters To The LGBTQ+ Community

Emma Murphy

George Takei


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21 March 2016

Young transgender women face mental health risks

Alan Mozes


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26 February 2016

29 November 2015

Transgender issues under spotlight with Halton mental health group (UK)

Oliver Clay


06 January 2013

Mental health issues afflict individuals in LGBTQ community - Kevin Dubouis -

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ezs note:  Are you suffering from anorexia?  Bulimia? Depression?  No matter what the symptom, it's always better to seek help sooner rather than later.  Just be certain that you seek help from a licensed therapist, as there are quacks out there.  C'mon, you can do it!