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15 January 2020

07 October 2018

04 September 2018

civil rights - Missouri human rights panel sued over transgender case

San Francisco Chronicle

Jefferson City, MO


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03 August 2018

Springfield, Missouri

estimated transgender population:  971*
(rounded up)

Springfield, MO


ezs note:  Horace Duncan.  Fred Coker.  Will Allen.   Three African-Americans who were taken from their homes and lynched.  Springfield, Missouri did what was right and put up a plaque commemorating this ugly event - but it's only worth it if you take the children to the square and let them know what happened there.

11 June 2018

Missouri - ‘I don’t support them’: Gov. Parson’s views on ‘the homosexual issue’ are cause for concern

Editorial Board
The Kansas City Star

Kansas City, MO


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ezs note:  Missourians - I am glad that The Kansas City Star has asked your governor to reconsider his position on LGBT issues.  I honestly hope that he does.   However, if he refuses, please think of a few names - Republican, Democratic, or other - who might consider a run for governor.

30 September 2017

Missouri transgender teen’s killing will not be charged as a hate crime

John Riley
Metro Weekly


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ezs note:  Missourians - here are four things you can do to change things.

1.  Call (don't e-write) the governor.  His number is 573-751-3222.
2.  Call the state congressperson and state senator.
3. If you hear of a protest march,  go if you possibly can. Go early and often.
4.  Call or e-write your like-minded friends to do the same.

04 February 2017

13 April 2016

Big-name Missouri businesses oppose religious objections law

Summer Ballentine
Missouri Lawyers Weekly


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31 March 2016

Man accused in transgender teen murder must surrender DNA sample


Josh Vallum


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20 March 2016

The foolishness of “Religious Freedom” laws

Drew Heiderscheidt
The Mirror


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20 February 2016