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08 December 2018

civil rights - No Relief: William Barr Is as Bad as Jeff Sessions — if Not Worse

David Cole

William Barr


please press:

ezs note:  Yeah, it's a stretch, but the more people that call their Senators (remember, you have two) the better the chance of keeping Barr out.  When I'm done, I'll call my two Senators - what about you?  

24 October 2018

30 September 2017

Donald Trump's last 7 days are just mind-bogglingly bad

Chris Cillizza


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19 August 2015

Bad Excuses For Misgendering Transgender Victims Of Violence

Carlos Maza
Media Matters for America


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29 March 2014


The one unbreakable hang-up I have is with cigarettes.  They have a bad effect on me.  They make me extremely nervous.  But I started smoking at twelve, and I've never written a word without a cigarette in my hands.

     - Truman Capote

'To Quote A Queer'