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14 October 2017

Lawmakers launch legislation to protect transgender troops

Carl Prine
The San Diego Union-Tribune


18 May 2016

Large-scale HIV vaccine trial to launch in South Africa

National Institutes of Health


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ezs note:  We have to be careful - after all, it won't be until 2020 that we receive the results - but it could be that this vaccine is promising.  In the meantime, please use medicines that are useful NOW.

07 July 2015

Transgender barbershop in Vancouver needs public's help to launch (Canada)

Lauren Sundstrom


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ezs note:  If you have an extra fiver in your pocket, please help out Big Bro's Barber Shop.  It's a place to have your hair cut, just to chat, or find a good job.  It's a good place!

08 October 2010

Bahraini teens launch sex-change bids (Inside the Middle East / CNN)

Two teenage women in Bahrain planning to undergo sex change operations are set to launch legal bids to have their status recognized as men, reported The Gulf Daily News.  (more above)