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05 July 2019

Maryland/Virginia - Police In Va. Searching For Person Of Interest In Md. In Connection To Murder Of Transgender Teen

Mike Hellgren
CBS News

Joppa, MD (CDP)
(or Joppatown)

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ezs note:  Marylanders - Especially if you live in Baltimore or Joppa, please keep an eye out for Erik McFadden.  He is not a suspect yet, but he is a person of interest.  Please call 434-977-4000.

21 February 2019

lead story - Virginia district split over ending transgender bathroom ban

Ben Finley

Abingdon, VA
(part of Gloucester County)


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10 December 2018

Virginia - Transgender teen Sage Smith still missing after vanishing from Virginia in 2012

Jackie Montalvo

Sage Smith


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ezs note:  It's been a while... but it's never too late to offer some help to a worried family.  If you live or lived at Charlottesville, VA and you have any information, please call Crimestoppers at 434-977-4000. 

07 December 2018

lead story - Virginia teacher fired for referring to transgender student as female

Karma Allen
ABC News

West Point, VA


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ezs note:  Okay.  Mr. Vlaming is a devout Christian, I don't doubt that.  Tell me, sir, how many times does Jesus say that teachers address their students?  I'll give you a hint:  HE DOESN'T.  No matter priests or ministers contort this simple fact, it still remains a fact.  I feel for those students who like Mr. Vlaming, but his buffoonish behavior merits his dismissal. 

02 June 2018

Donald Trump - The Equal Rights Amendment Was Just Ratified by Illinois. What Does That Mean?

Matthew Haag
The New York Times

Illinois State Capitol


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ezs note:  Whoa... this could be interesting.  After reading The New York Times article, it still remains murky whether it will pass or not.  On the off chance that it would, Virginia seems most likely to pass it.  Virginia, please call your state senator and your House of Delegates member and ask them to vote YES on the Equal Rights Amendment.  If nothing else, it'll put your thumb into Herr Trump's eye.

civil rights - Virginia school district vows to fight on despite losing transgender bathroom ruling

Casey Quinlan

Or the Board of Education.  Take your pick.


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07 May 2018

Virginia - Danica Roem to Speak at Democrats' LGBTQ Gala

Trudy Ring

Del. Danica Roem


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16 December 2017

Virginia Senate candidate E.W. Jackson "regrets" anti-gay rhetoric

John Riley

Chesapeake, VA


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03 December 2017

Virginia Delegate-Elect Danica Roem Appears on Comedy Central to Talk About Her Historic Win

Hilton Dresden


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14 October 2017

Tazewell, Virginia

estimated transgender population: 27* (rounded up)


ezs note:  For such a tiny town, its National Register of Historic Places is quite impressive.  And one of these - the Tazewell Historic District is open to the public!  Come on down - visit Tazewell, Virginia today!