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03 September 2018

lead story - Suspect in Charleston attack on transgender woman has record of drug, assault arrests

Andrew Knapp Aknapp
The Post And Courier


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ezs note:  Fortunately, Christopher Lamar Smith has an excellent mug shot taken of him.  There are two distinct scars, one of which goes from the hairline to the inner left eyebrow, the other just below right eye to just above the right lip - kind of a reverse half-moon pattern.  If you see him, do NOT approach him - find a safe place and call the police - thanks.

30 October 2017

Hillary Clinton slams Trump administration's record on LGBT issues

Steven Overly

Hillary Clinton


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04 November 2016

23 October 2014

Best of Gay D.C. XIII: Lifetime Achievement Award

Lou Chibbaro Jr.

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ezs note:  People wonder why I have such a love for politics.  Mayor Vincent Gray is just one reason.  Keep it up, mayor!