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04 October 2018

11 February 2018

South Africa - No laws to protect SA's vulnerable groups

Vuyo Mkize
news 24

Johannesburg, South Africa


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21 August 2016

PICS: Mokgadi Caster Semenya, our golden girl!

Ashfak Mohamed

Caster Semenya


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ezs note:  Great job, Caster!!!

01 June 2016

Transgender people, the world's misunderstood (South Africa)



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18 May 2016

Large-scale HIV vaccine trial to launch in South Africa

National Institutes of Health


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ezs note:  We have to be careful - after all, it won't be until 2020 that we receive the results - but it could be that this vaccine is promising.  In the meantime, please use medicines that are useful NOW.

03 October 2014

Analysis of PrEP Data Shows High Adherence in U.S., and Among Most at Risk of HIV

Barbara Jungwirth

to read more, go to:

ezs note:  Be safe!!!  If you are a sexually active transgender person -- or you're just thinking about it -- the time to start taking Truvada is NOW.  Read the directions on the box or  bottle twice.  You'll be happy AND healthy!

07 October 2012

South Africa’s townships still not safe for gay, lesbian and transgender people - (South Africa)

*more here*
ezs note:  If you live in South Africa, or travel there for business or pleasure, and you witnessed anything regarding Noxolo's murder, please come forward now!  Also, tell the police from South Africa  that you are not pleased with their lackadaisical attitude toward LGBT folks.  If they are stubborn, try INTERPOL as an alternative.

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