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31 March 2018

Miami, Florida

estimated transgender population:  2631*
(rounded up)


ezs note:  Miami, Florida! Home of the Dolphins!  Home of the Marlins! Where, considering where they came from, the Panthers are just too damn hot!  Anyways, if you like the warmer weather, Miami may be the place for you!  

15 May 2016

A Republican Congresswoman Has Personal Stake in Transgender Debate

Lizette Alvarez
The New York Times


please press:

ezs note:  It goes to show you that what is needed in Congress is not a label, such as Democrat, Republican, Green, Independent, what have you - what is needed are thoughtful, compassionate, intelligent people.  Thanks, Ms Ros-Lehtinen!

25 November 2015

18 March 2015

No opinion yet from Florida Gov. Rick Scott on transgender bathroom bill

Patricia Mazzei
Miami Herald


ezs note:  Floridians - please call and ask Governor Rick Scott to veto this odious "bathroom bill"!