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06 October 2018

Donald Trump - 'I feel outraged, exhausted and betrayed': Kavanaugh nomination – the feminist response

Joanna Walters, Erin Durkin
The Guardian


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ezs note:  There's one thing - and only one thing - for you to do.


Election Day is November 6.

31 January 2018

JFK's grand-nephew Joe Kennedy says 'bullies' never win in Democrat response to Donald Trump's speech

The Telegraph

Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MA)


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04 October 2016

13 September 2016

A Close Reading of the North Carolina GOP’s Deranged Response to the NCAA

Mark Joseph Stern


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ezs note:  Aw, don't be too hard on them.  I love it when North Carolinians act like batshit fools!  (Are you listening, Hartford Whalers?)

13 February 2015

02 September 2010

Transgender woman pleased with hospital's response (Pridesource)

A transgender woman said she was satisfied with changes promised by a hospital after she complained of being ridiculed by medical staff and denied treatment in its emergency room in July. (more above)