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10 January 2018

02 November 2017

04 November 2016

14 August 2015

Transgender people face high suicide risks

Laura Ungar
The Courier-Journal


ezs note:  If you or someone you know is feeling desperate or suicidal, there is something you can do!  Seek counseling from a competent professional.  One way to tell is seeking professionals from the American Psychological Association.  Another way is to seek out Schools in Transition.  Although it's a handbook for parents and teachers, students from 9 to 12 will find it equally valuable.

27 January 2014

High risks for transgender students (New Zealand)

*more here*

ezs note:  No matter where in the world you are, it's just silly to believe that you can 'go it alone'.  Find a respected licensed psychologist. But be warned: those who would have you believe that they can make you into a 'ex-transgender' is a  QUACK!!!  

21 August 2011

Some transgender women pay a high price to look more feminine (nytimes)

(more above)

ezs note:  Please believe me, I know how urgently you want to look like a woman, but don't give in to these frauds.  They'll take your money and likely KILL you!!!  Talk to your counselor about which legal alternatives exist.

17 October 2010

Study: Anti-transgender bullying alarmingly high (EdgeBoston)

More than half of transgender or gender non-conforming people who experienced bullying or harassment have attempted suicide, according to a recently released study. (more above)

04 September 2010

LGBT friendly shul to host High Holy days in Brookline(Wicked Local Brookline)

Brookline —

As the High Holidays approach, Jews of any background are welcome to join Congregation Am Tikva in its services, where everyone is invited to worship and pray in a unique, welcoming setting regardless of gender, sexual orientation or traditional upbringing. (more above)