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21 February 2019

Ukraine - Volunteer-driven website aims to revolutionize sex ed in Ukraine

Matthew Kupfer
Kyiv Post

Zelenodolsk, Ukraine


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03 January 2019

civil rights - Students Deserve Better: New Website Urges Department of Education to Protect Students’ Rights

Shin Inouye
The Leadership Conference


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ezs note:  I signed the petition... did you?

26 November 2018

civil rights - Transgender Guidance Scrubbed From Office of Personnel Management Website

Gwendolyn Smith

ezs note:  Uh... thanks...


12 April 2018

main headline - Website Designed To Help Transgender People In Florida Change Name And Gender Marker

William Daffron


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ezs note:  If you are presently living in the state of Florida (you must have lived there at least six [6] months) this guide may be of help.  It's good to be of use, anyway.  Please let me know how good this guide actually is. You will find the guide at this hotlink.

13 July 2016

In a First, Website for Transgender Rights Launched in India (India)

Akriti Paracer
The Quint


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20 March 2014

Westboro church founder Fred Phelps dies

Daniel Burke

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ezs note:  It's just my opinion, but other than news of his death, Phelps should be UTTERLY forgotten.  He comes as close to a genuine Nazi as Adolf Hitler and his like, and should be treated as such.  (And no, I do NOT use the term lightly.)  If I were his undertaker, I wouldn't even bother with a tiny marker.  So there.