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25 May 2019

Kentucky - Kentucky City Rejects Anti-Discrimination Ordinance


Bowling Green, KY

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ezs note:  I don't know if Kentucky has local elections the same as Connecticut does, but if so, maybe Bowling Green should send three of their Commissioners packing.  (and maybe that means you

22 May 2017

Hate crimes in the city are on the rise compared to last year

Tina Moore
New York Post


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02 July 2016

City releases mayor's texts from Pulse shooting (Pulse shooting)

Matt Grant
Orlando Sentinel


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25 November 2015

Rally Reminds City That Transgender Legislation Has Been Tabled for Two Years

Eric Sandy


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13 June 2015

Despite strides, many still see role for city’s Pride parade

Katherine Landergan and Claire Nobles
The Boston Globe


28 April 2015

09 November 2014

City hears request for possible nondiscrimination ordinance

Mori Kessler

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ezs note:  As an aside, you gotta check out the town's anti-dancing ordinance!  (no, this is not a misprint)  This town is off its noodle in so many ways!