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04 February 2019

30 November 2018

lead story - Transgender people are being threatened. They need allies. [Opinion]

Julien Gomez
Houston Chronicle

Houston City Hall (1913)
Houston, TX


please press:

07 October 2018

26 October 2017

17 November 2016

We All Need to Do Better

Richard Sherman
The Players' Tribune


ezs note:  Damn... if the world were filled with Richard Shermans, the world would be a damn sight better... go Richard! ✌

27 November 2015

WHS Teacher: Transgender Students Need to Feel Safe

Susan Miller


01 July 2015

Lessons on for Cops on Transgenders (India)

Archana Ravi

The New Indian Express


11 November 2011

Why we need transgender day of remembrance (

(more above)

ezs note: What happened to this poor girl is UTTERLY REVOLTING!!  Please, if you have any information about what happened to Shelley Hilliard, please call the Detroit (MI) police now.