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20 January 2020

civil rights - Judge: Referring to transgender people by chosen pronouns 'courtesy,' not law

Alicia Cohn
The Hill

Baton Rouge, LA

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ezs note:  Even if there is only one reason to dump Donald Trump (and trust me, there are many, many more) lifetime appointments are definitely one.  Even if you live in a small town, every bit helps in removing this monster from our society.

15 December 2019

22 December 2018

Wisconsin - Judge: De Pere transgender rights policy violates religious freedom of churches

Haley BeMiller
Green Bay Press Gazette.

De Pere, WI


ezs note:  I understand that churches have certain rights, and I respect that.  But answer me this:  where, in the writings of Jesus, is it said that we should discriminate against transgender people?

Still looking, huh?  Well, take your time... 😔 

30 November 2018

Donald Trump - Judge rules against Trump administration in sanctuary cities case

Aaron Katertsky

Aww, Donald, don't be angry... (hee hee!)


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10 November 2018

27 August 2018

civil rights - Prison system must accommodate transgender inmate, judge emphatically orders

Dara Kim
Bradenton Herald

DeFuniak Springs, FL


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10 August 2018