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14 August 2019

Alaska - Women’s shelter can't be punished for denying access to men who identify as female, court rules

Michael Gryboski
The Christian Post

Anchorage, AK

please press:

ezs note:  Aw, we're just helpin' to promote "Christian" values...

Maybe liberal Christian/liberal Jewish/atheist organizations could come together for the homeless rather than have this shithole do the "work"... 

11 February 2019

lead story - Two men on trial for unleashing ‘sheer brutality’ on transgender community

Keith L. Alexander
The Washington Post

Washington DC


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17 May 2018

lead story - The gay, transgender and bisexual men on Manus are forced into silence

Behrouz Boochani
The Guardian

Manus Island regional processing center


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14 December 2017

2 men to stand trial in shooting of transgender woman

Oralander Brand-Williams
The Detroit News


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18 November 2017

Sexual Misconduct Allegations Are Toppling Powerful Men. Why Not Donald Trump?

Nancy Benac, Calvin Woodward


please press:

ezs note:  Let's not forget that Donald Trump fondled, groped or outright raped 12 - 12 - 12 women.

That we know about. 

06 November 2017

Transgender woman sues Allegheny County; claims jail assaults while being housed with men

Paula Reed Ward
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


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02 November 2017

Jamaica - Gays pepper-sprayed - Cops accused of targeting men

The Star


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30 July 2017

Long before transgender was a word, women posed as men to serve in the army

Bonnie Tsui
Los Angeles Times

drawing of Robert Shurtleff


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03 December 2016

Muslim Woman Attacked By Men Screaming 'Donald Trump' Says No One Intervened

Gary Del Valle
The Gothamist


please press:

ezs note:  Yeah, Donald, it/s so nice to have your followers behaving so... ahem... ethically...

06 October 2015

Group of Men Beat, Shoot, Kill Transgender Woman in Philly

David Chang


ezs note:   Sigh... what can I say?  It may seem futile, but you can help.  If you live in Philadelphia, (especially near the 1300 block of Wingohocking Street) or you pass through there for business or pleasure, please call the Philadelphia Police Department at 215-686-TIPS (8477).  Thanks.

Rest in peace, Keisha.  Know that you are loved.