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05 October 2017

Transgender voices must be heard (Thailand)

Nareerat Wiriyapong
Bangkok Post

Bangkok, Thailand


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25 June 2017

Tear gas used to disperse Istanbul Pride participants

Michael K. Lavers
Washington Blade

map of Turkey


02 April 2016

13 June 2015

Despite strides, many still see role for city’s Pride parade

Katherine Landergan and Claire Nobles
The Boston Globe


02 December 2013

Nearly 80 Percent Of Transgender People Have Considered Suicide, Study Says

Sarah Rae Fruchtnicht

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ezs note: If you have considered or attempted suicide, please consider seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist to help you through the rough patches in your life. There's no shame in it, and you'll feel a lot better!  One caveat though - make sure that the person is fully board certified.  If a person claims to "make you straight",walk out and don't pay the quack!