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21 August 2015

Teenager confronts community after it taunts him for being transgender (UK)

ITV News


please press:

23 March 2014

08 November 2013

Transgender Attacked in a Blaze of Fury by Teenager: California DA Citing Hate Crime and Charging the Teen as an Adult

Michelle Couch

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ezs note:  According to reports, Richard Thomas allegedly set Luke Sasha Fleishman ON FIRE.  That is beyond sickening, and if it fails to make you call or e-write your local DA, I am at a loss to what will.  Call or e-write TODAY.

Also, if you wish to donate  to Fleishman's family to defray medical expenses, go to   Thanks.

11 August 2013

In Jamaica, transgender teen murdered by mob

David McFadden

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ezs note:  When you visit Jamaica, you will see it ensconced in beautiful Caribbean waters.  The temperature is almost always perfect.  It's a paradise.

Yeah, right.  DON'T VISIT THAT CESSPOOL. DEMAND that the following actions be taken immediately:

The police must take immediate, swift and aggressive action.  Every 2-3 days the police will give a comprehensive report on steps they have taken.

INTERPOL will be notified to make certain that police are doing their jobs.

The police will notify on radio, TV, newspapers and the Internet that harming or murdering transgender people is a CRIME, and it WILL be dealt with severely.

Both police and public officials will hold forums urging parents not to disown minor transgender children.  Parliament will hold hearings to better serve minors.

Until they do this on a sustained basis,  I will NOT visit Jamaica.  I'd rather visit Love Canal.  This is an utter travesty which Dwayne Jones had to endure.  

Remember Dwayne Jones!!!