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17 October 2018

Jamaica - Pastor Blasts MoBay Pride Organisers

Albert Ferguson
Jamaica Gleaner

Montego Bay, Jamaica


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ezs note:  Just a little note to the 'pastors' - contrary to those who believe MoBay Pride is a 'devious' attempt to 'get more people involved', maybe, just maybe, it might allow queer folk to walk down the street without being accosted by cretinous vermin - like you.  

09 August 2018

Jamaica - The rough, rugged life of a transgender surviving in Ja

Tanesha Mundle
Jamaica Observer



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10 June 2018

27 April 2018

Jamaica - US criticises Jamaica on corruption, extrajudicial killings and stance on same-sex acts

Jamaica Observer


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ezs note:  And here in the United States, Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is doing yeoman's work on transgender problems.

Yeah... riiiiiight....

02 February 2018

Jamaica - Jamaica bars anti-gay preacher Steven Anderson



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ezs note:  Now if we could figure out how to get him out of the United States...

21 July 2017

Today, look for Wikipedia...


ezs note:   Today, it's an important day.  Especially for Jamaica and  LGBT Jamaicans.  Dwayne Jones was murdered three years ago today.  While improvements have been made, 'police' officers still haven't done anything. 

Hey, what're ya gonna do, real police work, or sip on a rum and Coke?

21 October 2014

Rights group: LGBT Jamaicans are targets of unchecked violence, discrimination


to read more, go to:

ezs note:  This is an outrage!  Please, wherever you live, e-mail the ambassador of Jamaica a polite but FIRM  letter demanding the human rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders - and put some real teeth in it! 

11 August 2013

In Jamaica, transgender teen murdered by mob

David McFadden

*more here

ezs note:  When you visit Jamaica, you will see it ensconced in beautiful Caribbean waters.  The temperature is almost always perfect.  It's a paradise.

Yeah, right.  DON'T VISIT THAT CESSPOOL. DEMAND that the following actions be taken immediately:

The police must take immediate, swift and aggressive action.  Every 2-3 days the police will give a comprehensive report on steps they have taken.

INTERPOL will be notified to make certain that police are doing their jobs.

The police will notify on radio, TV, newspapers and the Internet that harming or murdering transgender people is a CRIME, and it WILL be dealt with severely.

Both police and public officials will hold forums urging parents not to disown minor transgender children.  Parliament will hold hearings to better serve minors.

Until they do this on a sustained basis,  I will NOT visit Jamaica.  I'd rather visit Love Canal.  This is an utter travesty which Dwayne Jones had to endure.  

Remember Dwayne Jones!!!