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27 April 2018

12 July 2017

O'Hare pilot gets plea deal in home castration case

Chuck Goudie and Christine Tressel
ABC 13


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28 May 2014

An open letter to Gov. Dannel Malloy


Gov. Malloy:

By now, you are well aware of the imprisoning of Jane Doe.  (Because of her being underage, this is not her actual name.)  You are also quite aware of her not being arrested for any crime. I do not like shouting from the rooftops for any controversy, but this is truly Orwellian.

I am not writing to you today because she is transgender.  I am writing to you because she is a human being.  Like everyone else in Connecticut, she has certain inalienable rights - rights which extend to the United States, and, by extension, the entire planet.

In my opinion, the following actions should be taken posthaste:

1.  Have a meeting with Department of Children and Families commissioner Joette Katz, during which she will be expected to provide an airtight defense.  If she fails to do so, tell her to hand in her resignation by day's end.  I understand that Ms. Katz has held some of the highest positions in the state, including a term on the state Supreme Court.  However, a high position carries with it high responsibility.  Those that shirk that responsibility deserve firing.

2.  Hold a press conference where the legislature will be called into special session in which this antiquated law will be rescinded.

3.  Release Jane Doe immediately.

Thank you.