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27 February 2019

08 September 2018

Connecticut - Rainbow Wave In Connecticut: GOP Fields 6 LGBTQ Candidates For Legislature In General Election

Daniela Altimari
Hartford Courant

Groton, CT


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ezs note:  Umm... okay... Please, don't get me wrong.  Even though I'm a Democrat, there are some areas which I tend to be a bit conservative.  But, dude, you've got a President who is an ever-psychotic and a Congress which, at best, is mostly complacent and, at worst, is a complete suckup.  Before the election I would say follow your conscience.  But this ain't no ordinary time.

04 February 2018

Transgender bathroom policy debate returns to S.D. Legislature

Dana Ferguson
Argus Leader

State Capitol, Pierre, South Dakota


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26 May 2017

Legislature endangers all Texas children with ‘bathroom bill’ myopia

Editorial Board
my Statesman

Backwards?  Nah... just really, really stupid.


21 March 2016

10 September 2015

Massachusetts’ Mayors Call on Legislature, Governor to Support Transgender Rights

Maureen McCarty


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ezs note:  If you do live in one of the Massachusetts cities that are petitioning for equality, be sure to e-write your thanks.  If not, ask them why the hell not!

08 May 2015

Ross wins at state

Albany Democrar-Herald


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07 March 2015

18 July 2014

Stanton letter a warning that SB 1062 fight is not over

EJ Montini

to read more, go to:

ezs note:  residents of Arizona - last year, you were justly proud that SB 1062 was defeated.  But the knuckledraggers are at it again.  Arizonans, fight back!!!

08 July 2013

Legislature to reconsider bill protecting transgender access to public accommodations

Jeremy C. Fox