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15 October 2016

Updated: Maltese ‘patriots’ target transgender protestor with offensive remarks (Malta)

Gabriel Schembri
Malta Independent Online


14 July 2016

Transgender Woman Is Charged With Voyeurism at Target in Idaho

Niraj Chokshi
The New York Times


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10 May 2016

30 April 2016

Backlash, praise for Target's position on transgender issue picks up steam

Kavita Kumar


ezs note:  To those who wish to petition in FAVOR of Target, please go to Also, if you wish, buy a few items from Target.  Thanks!

22 April 2016

Louie Gohmert threatens to quit shopping at Target

Jennifer Bendery


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ezs note:  Y'know, it may sound warped n' all, but I love Louie!  He's so utterly batshit, you can't but watching him.  Congress wouldn't be the same without him!

04 January 2016

10 August 2010

Have transsexuals become easy targets? (BBC[UK])

A man has been convicted of murdering a transsexual prostitute in north London. (more above)