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07 January 2019

civil rights - Transgender Inmate Care Spurs Appeals Court Fight

Jim Saunders

Crawfordville, FL


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13 August 2018

civil rights - A Transition in Care

Elizabeth Segal
US News and World Report

Tijuana, Mexico


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08 June 2018

22 August 2017

Some Health Insurance Companies Still Deny Care To Transgender People

Kasandra Brabaw
Refinery 29


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13 July 2017

GOP Poised To Strip Medically Necessary Care For Transgender Troops

Jennifer Bendery


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ezs note:  If you are represented by a Republican who serves on the House Armed Services Committee, it's time to let your voices of displeasure be heard. In addition,  if an opponent is running, it may be time to send a bit of money their way.  Hey, it may be only five or ten bucks, but the earlier the better.

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27 December 2016

Demand for transgender medical care is exploding

Usha Lee McFarling
Business Insider


12 October 2016

Providing Transgender-Inclusive Health Care

Vincenzo Carannante, Joan Feldman, Stephanie Gomes-Ganhao, and William Rob
JD Supra Business Advisor


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28 August 2015

Do the New APA Guidelines for Transgender-Affirmative Care Go Far Enough?

David S. Byers and Joel Coburn


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ezs note:  This can be a daunting task, especially if all the hyperlinks are read.  However, this can be an invaluable tool.  Please read this document!

08 June 2015

21 April 2015

What Care Do Prisons Owe Transgender Inmates?

The Marshall Project


16 March 2015