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13 October 2017

We Cannot Remain Silent

David J. Johns
Los Angeles Blade


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25 March 2014


The gift of sympathy... is a charming faculty, but one often abused by those who are conscious of its possession, for there is something ghoulish in the avidity with they will pounce upon the misfortune of their friends so that they may exercise their dexterity.  It gushes forth like an oil-well, and the sympathetic pour out their sympathy with an abandon that is sometimes embarrassing to their victims.

     - W. Somerset Maugham

'To Quote A Queer"

27 February 2013

Are Aging Services Ready for Us? -

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ezs note:  Are you or a loved one approaching age 65 years or older?  Are you younger than that, but want to plan ahead?  If you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, the time to start planning is now.  A good place to start is at